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CloudU Kicks Off Big Data Online Course In A Big Way

We have a saying in Texas: Bigger is better. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that CloudU, based in San Antonio, Texas, is getting bigger, too.

To kick-off CloudU Big Data Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) activities, we’ve asked Dave Feinleib to be the featured author of this learning series.

Dave is an advisor, entrepreneur and author of Big Data DemystifiedWhy Startups Fail and How Yours Can Succeed and the blog.

He’s also writes about startups, technology and venture capital on

Join us on Wednesday, April 30 at the San Francisco Rackspace Office as Dave presents a condensed version of his “Actionable Insights from Big Data” workshop. This learning event is free and open to Rackers and the public as room allows (space is limited). If you’re in the San Francisco area and would like to attend, contact to reserve a seat.

If you’re not able to attend this event live, not to worry. The presentation will be recorded and packaged as part of the Big Data MOOC learning series, scheduled to be released in June. The MOOC will also include content contributions from other industry leaders including HortonworksFacebook,OCP Foundation, and MIT.

Anyone interested in the Big Data MOOC or CloudU Certification can register for free at Once you register, you’ll have full access to all CloudU learning opportunities and become part of the global CloudU community.

What are you waiting for? Class is in Session!

More on Dave Feinleib:

Dave Feinleib is Managing Director of The Big Data Group. He founded Content Analytics, a leader in brand and ecommerce analytics, and Speechpad, a leader in audio-video transcription and captioning.

From 2009 – 2011 he was a General Partner at Mohr Davidow, a venture capital firm with $2B under management. While at Mohr Davidow, he invested in Infusionsoft, which raised $54M in follow-on funding from Goldman Sachs and others; RootMusic, which raised an additional $16M in capital; and doxo, which has raised $10M in additional capital.

Prior to joining Mohr Davidow, he started four companies, one of which was acquired by EMC, another by Hewlett Packard, and a third by Keynote Systems. Before that he was a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, promoting the then unknown Windows operating system.

He holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA Summa Cum Laude from Cornell University, where he was a Kodak Scholar.

Dave is a two-time Ironman finisher and violinist.

Big Data and IT Operations: These Apps Are Revolutionizing Efficiency

binary-208216_150Businesses are utilizing IT Operations Analytics platforms to identify issues, increase efficiency of application systems and their performance, and to deliver easily understandable insights to IT and management teams.

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions provide real-time analytics for monitoring applications. These solutions automatically identify and isolate disruptions and failures, and give IT operations teams the opportunity and the tools to solve problems faster than ever. These solutions enable decision makers to analyze large amounts of APM data faster and more intelligently.

ITOA platforms utilize Big Data analytics to bring immediate awareness of potential issues, along with rapid understanding of those issues from both a technical and business point of view, to IT Operations teams. These ITOA solutions provide insights into how disruptions will affect both the technical and business aspects of a company, and they provide suggestions for correcting any problems that arise. Read on to find out more about these innovative IT Operations Analytics platforms.

Companies and Apps in the Big Data and IT Operations space:

All descriptions are from companies’ websites.


Monitor your IT systems and infrastructure in real time to identify issues, problems and attacks before they impact your customers, services and revenue. Splunk Enterprise keeps watch of specific patterns, trends and thresholds in your machine-generated data so you don’t have to. Trigger notifications in real time via email or RSS, execute a script to take remedial actions, send an SNMP trap to your system management console or generate a service desk ticket.

New Relic

New Relic is a Software Analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics across millions of apps. We help the people who build modern software understand the stories their data is trying to tell them.


The AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform is uniquely able to deliver rich performance data, learning, and analytics, combined with the flexibility to adapt to virtually any infrastructure or software environment. What’s more, our low-overhead architecture means that you can deploy in production and benefit from real-time data collection and analysis.

Sumo Logic

The basic architecture of Sumo Logic’s cloud log management system revolves around the best practice of divide-and-conquer by composing many small and independent services in order to build a scalable, flexible log management platform. Major components of the Sumo Logic system, such as the log data intake and collection management facilities, the full-text indexing pipeline, and the interactive analytics platform, are encapsulated into a set of decoupled services. Each service employs a set of shared lower-level modules to make use of common functionality. Each service runs as an independent executable, and each service can scale independently of the others in the cloud based on demand and the specific CPU and I/O requirements of each service.


Now Big Data technologies applied by HP Software help solve IT issues. With highly scalable data collection, embedded HP Vertica and Arcsight based analytics capabilities, HP Operations Analytics is a powerful new HAVEn standalone solution for IT Operations.


IBM IT Operations Analytics solutions analyze the terabytes of big data from your IT operations. These solutions turn your data into understandable, relevant information and insights that you can act on immediately. These solutions help you: Predict problems before they occur. Search quickly across massive amounts of data. Optimize across your IT & App infrastructure. IT Operations Analytics solutions use: Cognitive computing capabilities to learns about a business’ IT systems over time. As business and performance conditions change the software adapts, changing settings and eliminating inadvertent but costly errors caused by poor system configuration. Advanced text analytics engine able to extract insights from both structured and unstructured data sources (service tickets, performance metrics and support documents).


Netuitive’s advanced analytics platform assures the performance of mission-critical applications and the complex and dynamic environments that support them. Netuitive adds an intelligence layer on top of your existing systems, application, and business monitoring tools. Enabled by our patented Behavior Learning Engine™, Netuitive continuously correlates and analyzes in real time every contributor to application health, anywhere in your enterprise, to deliver your current reactive, break-fix approach to performance management into a truly proactive experience.


Evolven’s IT Operations Analytics provides intelligent answers to key IT operations challenges: how to accelerate incident resolution, how to avoid harmful and risky changes, and how to assess and optimize IT operations performance. Evolven’s new analytics approach to the chronic change & configuration challenges dramatically minimizes the risk of downtime and slashes incident investigation time.

INETCO Insight

INETCO Insight is a core platform for ITOA. It provides an application-centric view of how all parts of an enterprise system are performing, drawing on a powerful analytic model – our Unified Transaction Model – to make sense of large volumes of application performance and event data. It includes easy-to-use capabilities for alerting, visualizing Big Data Analytics, and isolating performance issues. INETCO Insight also forwards rich performance and application monitoring information into other IT management and operations intelligence systems like IBM TivoliNetcool/OMNIbus, HP Operations Manager, NCR APTRA Vision, and Splunk Enterprise — so you can harness Big Data across your ITOA architecture.

CA Technologies

Our converged approach to infrastructure management takes on the heavy lifting by translating huge volumes of data into actionable insight. Overburdened I&O teams can easily access graphic displays of the information they need to improve service quality, predictability, and efficiency so they can deliver superior, differentiated customer experience with less effort and reduced costs. Combining your network management, applications and system management under the umbrella of converged infrastructure management offers the following benefits: Speed proactive triage and remediation with less effort with analytics translating disparate data into intelligent views for up to 25x faster problem resolution. Shift operations costs to innovation through reducing total costs by as much as 50 percent. Achieve massive scalability and accelerated time-to-market demands for the largest, most complex enterprises and service providers to improve performance.

Continuity Software

The AvailabilityGuard Risk Discovery Engine™ automatically scans your IT infrastructure in a non-intrusive, read-only mode, collecting up-to-date configuration information from servers and clusters, storage devices, virtual infrastructure, database servers, and the networks that connect them across physical, virtual, and hybrid environments. It then analyzes the information gathered against the continuously updated Risk Signature Knowledgebase™ and pinpoints any misconfigurations that can lead to potential downtime and data loss.


By analyzing the massive amounts of wire data traversing the network, the ExtraHop platform provides the real-time, cross-tier visibility that IT Operations teams need to manage increasingly complex applications and infrastructure. Continuously adapting to changes in the IT environment, the ExtraHop platform analyzes performance across all tiers of the application delivery chain, including network, VDI, web, middleware, database, and storage.


OpTier leverages patented technology to make ITOA a reality within our APM solution. Our end-to-end transaction tracing technology captures key performance and business data, which connects the individual silos of your IT infrastructure. This rich and dynamic data set enables a much more holistic view of your infrastructure and allows you to provide the context to your data so you can mine APM data more intelligently via analytics.


Distributed applications produce mountains of operational data. Each tier may have dozens or hundreds of nodes, and each node may have different log files. This volume and complexity can make it very difficult to diagnose problems. Machine data analytics tools help address these challenges by indexing all log data, and enabling aggregatioin and search through this data to identify the root cause of potential problems.  With Boundary, you’ll see IT operations analytics in record time.


SharePath is designed to help enterprise IT teams identify, anticipate and prevent issues. Unlike language-specific, infrastructure or log-based monitoring tools, SharePath is not limited to certain technologies or platforms. Instead, you get complete visibility of all user transactions in the context of their application, environment and performance against SLA. SharePath can trace every individual user-request across any type of technology or platform – not just Java or .NET but including Web-servers, proxy servers, integration layers, etc. – measuring the exact contribution of each element within the datacenter. This provides a fast, accurate answer to the question “What’s really impacting the user’s experience?” and reduces time-to-resolution with 100% confidence.


AccelOps automatically discovers, analyzes and automates IT issues in machine and big data across organizations’ data centers and cloud resources, spanning servers, storage, networks, security, applications and users.


AppsOne’s patent pending Application Behavior Learning (ABL) technology, a unique approach to IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), combines powerful and scalable analytics with auto-discovered real application usage patterns, auto-discovered monitoring thresholds, and real user experience monitoring data. AppsOne analyzes and correlates the dependencies between application load and corresponding infrastructure performance behavior 24×7, to deliver preventive performance management of both on-premise and cloud based applications.

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