Big Data and Recruiting: The Resources You Need

officeFinding great talent for your business is not an easy task. This guide will help you to navigate among key companies and resources that will help you to leverage Big Data for recruiting. These companies’ apps are revolutionizing the talent acquisition process by giving recruiters and employers the ability to perform candidate searches of large-scale depth and breadth. These tools enable you to find both passive and active job candidates, including candidates who may be looking to switch jobs, and to reach out and connect with those candidates in a fast, efficient, and effective way.

These apps provide detailed insights into the social footprints of candidates, which will enable you to source and connect with the talent who are the best fit for your job openings and your company. These solutions have the capability to perform deep searches within the websites on which the candidates are present, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and the websites on which they display their knowledge and interact with fellow professionals. Find the most qualified applicants from the largest pools, in the fastest, most efficient way possible with these apps.

Companies and Apps in Big Data and Recruiting:


SmartRecruiters offers a hiring platform to help you to manage the processes of job posting, applicant tracking, Facebook and mobile recruiting, assessment, and agency management. The SmartRecruiters platform utilizes predictive analytics to help you to maximize your recruiting budget. SmartRecruiters has also launched the first-ever hiring app, available for iPhone on the App Store.

Bright + LinkedIn

On February 6, 2014, Bright announced that they will be acquired by LinkedIn. Bright uses data science to connect job applicants with employers. Bright’s Hiring Solutions combines posting, sourcing, and screening of applicants to bring employers a list of prospects with a “Bright Score” that tells employers at a glance who the most qualified applicants are.

Ideal Candidate

Ideal Candidate, a company currently accessible only via an invite only or closed beta platform, and officially launching later this year, has announced the first patent-pending recruitment tool that uses psychometric assessment, Big Data, and social profiling to help hiring managers recruit top sales talent. Ideal Candidate’s tool promises to cut costs while increasing efficiency and objectivity throughout the recruiting process.


Termed “the talent search engine for the entire web,” TalentBin is the world’s largest passive candidate database that enables you to find “unfindable” technical talent. TalentBin provides you with “a full picture of a candidate’s professional and personal interests, aggregated and scored from their entire social footprint.” TalentBin also provides you with tools to make your candidate outreach faster and more impactful.


Entelo’s recruiting tools include Entelo Search, which includes one-of-a-kind filters and aggregated social data, and Entelo Sonar, which utilizes their patent-pending algorithm to locate top passive candidates. The Entelo Dashboard and Entelo Button combine with these tools to comprise a suite of apps that will help you to utilize data to find the candidates you need.

SeeMore (Monster)

Monster’s recruiting software, SeeMore, uses patented 6Sense search technology to provide detailed insights into the composition of talent pools. SeeMore combines multiple talent pools (applicants, candidates, employees, resumes from social networks, and other sources) onto a scalable, rapidly deployable platform. In addition, the software includes APIs to talent repositories, to integrate with third party apps, widgets, and more.


Gild boasts a 100% customer hire satisfaction rate when using their talent acquisition software, Gild Source. Gild Source, which is software that is specifically meant for recruiting developers, finds developers from around the world on the websites on which they interact and display their knowledge, thereby illuminating the true skills of developers, “so you know who’s good.” Gild Source provides access to over 6 million developer profiles.


eQuest offers solutions for using Big Data in recruiting as well as HR. eQuest utilizes Big Data analytics to power their Post-Scheduler tool, which analyzes two things: “your job posting content and the job boards you have selected to determine the exact moment the site normally experiences the highest number of candidates performing searches for similar jobs in similar locations.”


Work4’s Recruiter Solution adapts Facebook’s Graph Search by syncing it to your company’s open jobs and adding automated search, referrals, and tracking so that you can take advantage of the massive talent database Facebook has — at a lower cost than LinkedIn. Work4’s proprietary matching technology finds both passive and active candidates on Facebook who best fit your job description and location.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand offers the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud recruitment management solution as part of their Cornerstone Integrated Talent Management suite. Their Recruiting Cloud drives “both external referrals and internal mobility while cutting time” to fill job openings. Cornerstone’s Recruiting Cloud gives managers, employees and recruiters the ability to evaluate and track potential candidates from within, while also sourcing external candidates.

Ultimate Software

One of the solutions within Ultimate Software’s HCM suite is UltiPro Recruiting, which utilizes a “unique, candidate-centric design [which] helps you engage candidates with simple technology that candidates want to use.” UltiPro Recruiting allows candidates to use familiar social tools and their mobile devices when searching and applying for jobs at your company. In addition, UltiPro Recruiting enables you to “assess not only skills and experience but qualities that more effectively determine long-term success and fit — behaviors, motivations, and career aspirations, etc.”


Jibe’s Recruiting Analytics platform features “an analytics engine that brings together recruiting data to equip Talent Acquisition teams with the business intelligence they need to drive strategy, make informed decisions and demonstrate value to the company.” The Jibe platform is based on transparency, efficiency, and ease of use. It seamlessly integrates with back-end systems such as an ATS, CRM and others, to establish real-time data feeds, thereby eliminating the need for manual labor when accessing your data.


Talemetry Source & CRM enables recruiters to search and rank candidates from a variety of different sources based on the requirements for current and future job openings. Talemetry Source & CRM also enables a tactical and strategic candidate relationship management solution. In addition, Talemetry’s cloud software equips employers with the ability to optimize spend by focusing on the high value sources of job advertising, manage candidate relationships in a manner that improves the candidate to applicant conversion rates.

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