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Big Data and Customer Service: What You Need To Know

customer serviceEvery interaction that your customers have with your company holds important data. Whether that interaction is via phone, email, chat, social media, or another method, each interaction provides an opportunity to discover what is working about your company’s products, methods, and customer service representatives, and what needs to be improved.

The companies that have the technology to analyze all of the Big Data that is pouring in from customer interactions can quickly and effectively gain valuable information about customer needs, behavior, and preferences. That information can then be utilized to improve every customer’s experience with your company. Customer satisfaction is essential, and when companies have the technology to analyze the information embedded in interactions, they can utilize that data to help them to build customer relationships.

These Big Data analytics apps provide you with the tools to customize and optimize your customers’ experiences with your company. They will help you to prepare representatives to handle customer interactions, they can provide real-time insights, and they will help you to continuously improve customer service. Keep reading to find out about companies that are leading the way in the Big Data and Customer Service space.

Companies and Apps in the Big Data and Customer Service space:

All descriptions are from companies’ websites.


Agents and customers are continually talking about your company. With combined speech and text analytics capabilities, you now have the unprecedented ability to understand what’s being said across all channels so that you can respond in a compelling way – even in real-time. Using an intuitive dashboard, you can gain insight into all your speech-based channels and text interactions (including call center notes, chat, email, Web, mobile and social media) with powerful, dictionary independent search and categorization that extends to all captured data by speech and text analytics. You’ll be able to discover potential areas of improvement before they impact your business, thanks to automated intelligence, made possible by analysis software.

Verint + KANA

[On February 3, 2014, Verint acquired KANA.] Together Verint and KANA are transforming the way organizations engage with their customers. Our collective solutions comprise the industry’s first end-to-end suite for delivering Actionable Intelligence to optimize the workforce, improve enterprise processes, and manage and enrich customer interactions. It’s what we call Customer Engagement Optimization.

Microsoft + Parature

[On January 7, 2014, Microsoft acquired Parature.] Parature is the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based customer service software and is used to support more than 3,000 brands and approximately 70 million end users worldwide. Parature empowers mid-market to enterprise organizations across major industries with the ability to centralize their customer service and support efforts and to manage, resolve and respond to a high volume of service issues across a variety of communication channels, including the growing number of service-related conversations that are happening every day on social media and mobile devices.


Advanced Analytics are available on the Zendesk Plus and Enterprise plans, and enable support teams to make data-driven decisions based on powerful reporting. Pre-defined reports take the guesswork out of figuring out which metrics are the most critical for customer service success, and custom reports allow you to slice and dice the data based on what’s important to you. And once set up, your dashboards and reports automatically update each day with the latest ticket data.


Powered by the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, our solutions enable businesses to intelligently manage interactions and improve customer satisfaction. That makes it easier than ever to align customer experiences with the perceived values they deliver—greater loyalty to the brand and higher revenue to the business.


At [24]7, our goal is to make it simple for consumers to connect with companies to get things done. Our software platform and consumer-focused design leverage “big data” to help companies anticipate, simplify, and learn™—and by so doing, provide smarter and more effective multi-channel customer service.


The Proactive Call Center solution from IBM is distinct from the traditional call center business model by moving the call center out into the customer base. It provides CSPs with actionable insights to offer a superior customer service experience while reducing fixed and variable costs in delivering service, reducing churn and identifying new product offerings to improve customer loyalty and brand perception.


VPI’s call center analytics software the most accurate and effective interaction analytics solution on the market today.  The ground-breaking call center analytics system works much smarter than traditional approaches – it analyzes all forms of communications within a context of in-call interaction data, automatically collected via VPI Fact Finder.


CallMiner provides industry leading and innovative products and contact center software solutions for customer contact analysis, enabling organizations to leverage the voice of the customer as a business asset. With roots in speech analytics analyzing recorded calls, CallMiner is accustomed to dealing with big data in it’s rawest and most unstructured form, and extracting and presenting usable information from that data.


Success in an advanced multi-call center environment is directly proportional to the quality information available to make decisions. Intelemedia’s reporting provides clients with depth and accuracy. Whether you are focused on sales or customer service, Intelemedia offers dashboards illustrating current performance and trends on key metrics to run your business. Whether you use only our live call center agents or include your existing call centers, we can aggregate the data you need.


Our flexible, easy to use Call Center Analytics & Reporting lets you track critical call center metrics so you can make smart business decisions. Choose from pre-built reports, ad-hoc reporting or custom created reports. Closely track real-time management metrics with our customizable dashboards.


The Contact Center Analytics Program (CCAP) uses Genpact’s proprietary algorithms and advanced analytics to baseline, design, and optimize overall performance. At each stage, business benefits are quantified and the savings realized are reinvested into better technology and improvement initiatives. This cycle of sustained improvement results in best-in-class performance for the contact center and huge cost savings for the business in the end.


Mattersight® Behavioral Analytics is the only solution available with millions of pre-built algorithms that automatically decode every second of captured human interaction to provide the enterprise with actionable insight to drive significant business value. Behavioral Analytics consists of three main solutions that can be deployed independently or in conjunction with one another to drive improvement in sales, retention, service cost reduction, customer experience, customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score® (NPS), collections, fraud detection, student enrollment, and compliance.

NICE Systems

NICE Interaction Analytics is a cross-channel analytics platform that enables companies to transform the valuable yet hidden information in customer interactions into business results, helping to prepare the workforce for handling customer interactions, shaping interactions in real-time, and continuously improving future interactions.


ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics provide a comprehensive customer experience measurement system that gauges performance with contact centers from the customer’s perspective. ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics provide continuous, reliable, and precise measurement of the contact center experience based on contact type, agent, call center, region, or other key criteria.

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Big Data and Security: Don’t Miss These Essential Resources

password-64047_150The security of Big Data is essential at every level within an organization. It is vital to have the tools in place to enable you to protect your network, your business, your customers, and all of the Big Data you are harnessing for competitive value. The newest security analytics apps are providing analysts with real-time threat intelligence. These apps that combine solid security analytics capabilities with the scale and capacity to handle Big Data are comprising the next generation of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.

With this new generation of enterprise security apps, analysts can ask more difficult, complex security questions of their data by utilizing application-layer attributes. These platforms are capable of capturing, processing, protecting, storing, searching, sharing, analyzing, and visualizing your Big Data. Keep reading to discover the data security analytics companies that are shaping the Big Data and Security space, along with helpful resources for navigating and implementing Big Data and security analytics systems.

Companies and Apps in the Big Data and Security space:

All descriptions are from companies’ websites.


With the Splunk App for Enterprise Security you can use statistics on any data to help find unknown threats, while continually monitoring for known threats detected by traditional security products. The Splunk App for Enterprise Security runs on top of Splunk Enterprise and provides the monitoring, alerting and analytics required to identify and address known and unknown threats. Suitable for a small security team or an enterprise security operations center, the app is the primary data interface for the security professional faced with a growing list of challenges.


Empower IT security with actionable security intelligence pulled from your event and log data. Our industry leading solution helps you to identify threats, detect breaches and manage risks from internal and external sources and provides a cost-effective compliance solution. Collect, analyze and transform Big Data into actionable security intelligence.


Impact 360 Quality Monitoring helps organizations capture, evaluate, and learn from customer interactions, including voice conversations, email, Web chat sessions, and more. This proven software combines monitoring and recording functionality with performance management, analytics, eLearning, and coaching, helping you use data captured from the telephone, email, and Web to increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and manage performance, processes, and costs.


IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data provides exceptional threat and risk detection, combining deep security expertise with analytical insights on a massive scale. For forward-leaning organizations seeking advanced insight into security risks, the IBM solution – including IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform and IBM Big Data Platform – provides a comprehensive, integrated approach that combines real-time correlation for continuous insight, custom analytics across massive structured and unstructured data, and forensic capabilities for irrefutable evidence. The combination can help you address advanced persistent threats, fraud and insider threats.

RSA + Pivotal

Today [February 25, 2014], RSA and Pivotal announced the availability of a Big Data for Security Analytics reference architecture, providing insights into the visibility, analytics and actionable intelligence organizations need to detect and investigate today’s security threats. RSA Security Analytics, supported by Pivotal Hadoop technology, help organizations quickly detect, investigate and respond to security incidents before they have the opportunity to impact business. The RSA Pivotal Reference Architecture serves as a guide to organizations looking to create a scalable approach to Security Analytics, and also ties into a wider approach to analytics of IT operations data and the creation of an “IT Data Lake.”


The reality is that your data is under assault from the moment it is collected until the time it is discarded, and security breaches can be costly. That’s why Teradata and Protegrity have partnered to deliver integrated, high performance security solutions designed to meet all of your enterprise security needs.

Solera Networks

The Security Analytics Platform by Solera integrates Security Information Event Management (SIEM), Log Management, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Deep Packet Inspection, real-time threat intelligence and advanced malware detection tools into the single workflow necessary to combat today’s threats.

Click Security

Click Security’s real-time security analytics solution can be deployed either as a hosted and managed cloud offering, or as a more traditional customer premise-based solution.  In either case, DMUs are deployed within the customer’s network.  As well, all threat intelligence and newly discovered artifact analyses are currently performed in the Click Data Center.  The customer has a choice between a hosted and managed model or a customer premise-based model for APUs. Following is a high-level deployment diagram that shows example telemetry sources feeding into the DMUs, which subsequently forward data feeds into an APU for analytics processing and analyst interaction.


Lancope, Inc. is a leading provider of network visibility and security intelligence to defend enterprises against today’s top threats. By collecting and analyzing NetFlow, IPFIX and other types of flow data, Lancope’s StealthWatch® System helps organizations quickly detect a wide range of attacks from APTs and DDoS to zero-day malware and insider threats. Through pervasive insight across distributed networks, including mobile, identity and application awareness, Lancope accelerates incident response, improves forensic investigations and reduces enterprise risk. Lancope’s security capabilities are continuously enhanced with threat intelligence from the StealthWatch Labs research team.


AlienVault’s Unified Security Management™ (USM) products provide a way for organizations with limited security staff and budget to address compliance and threat management needs. With all of the essential security controls built-in, and continuous threat intelligence updates from AlienVault Labs, USM provides unparalleled security visibility.

EiQ Networks

SecureVue Log Management & SIEM provides industry leading event and log collection, storage, correlation, reporting, and search functions. The solution supports a broad range of event sources including network infrastructure, security solutions, operating systems, and applications. SecureVue improves on traditional log management through the collection and leverage of important contextual information from additional networked systems including vulnerability scanners, identity and access management systems, and network flow data. The SecureVue solution is also easily extended to support proprietary customer applications and legacy systems.


LogRhythm is the largest and fastest growing independent security intelligence company in the world. The company’s patented and award-winning Security Intelligence Platform, unifying SIEM, log management, file integrity monitoring, network forensics and host forensics, empowers organizations around the globe to detect breaches and the most sophisticated cyber threats of today, faster and with greater accuracy than ever before. LogRhythm also provides unparalleled compliance automation and assurance as well as IT predictive intelligence to Global 2000 organizations, government agencies and mid-sized businesses worldwide.


Our high-performance, powerful security information and event management (SIEM) brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and extensible compliance reporting. At the core of our SIEM offering, Enterprise Security Manager consolidates, correlates, assesses, and prioritizes security events for both third-party and McAfee solutions. As part of the Security Connected framework, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager tightly integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software, McAfee Risk Advisor, and Global Threat Intelligence — delivering the context required for autonomous and adaptive security risk management.

Packetloop + Arbor Networks

To help you find the needle in the haystack, Packetloop analyzes every packet, conversation, protocol and file for threats and deviations from normal traffic. However, without clear and attractive visualizations it would just be a spreadsheet with rows and columns. Scaling to terabytes of data, in-depth traffic analysis and stunning visualizations is what we are all about at Packetloop. Giving you the ability to Play, Pause and Rewind your data and to view attacks from different perspectives. You don’t need to spend large amounts of capital, and you don’t need to spend months on complex deployments and integration. Packetloop is instantly accessible, bringing Big Data Security Analytics to everyone.

Voltage Security

Voltage Security delivers the data protection strategy organizations need to deploy Big Data for competitive advantage, and only Voltage delivers these key capabilities. Secure sensitive data entering Hadoop, then control access. Protect data from any source, of any format, before it enters Hadoop. Set policies enabling which applications and which users get access to which original data, with protection of sensitive data that maintains usable, realistic values for accurate analytics and modeling on data in its encrypted form. Assure global regulatory compliance. Securely capture, analyze and store data from global sources, and ensure compliance with international data security, residency and privacy regulations. Address compliance comprehensively, not system-by-system. Optimize performance and scalability. Integrate data security fast, with quick implementation and an efficient, low-maintenance solution that won’t degrade performance and will scale up. Leverage IT investments by integrating with the existing IT environment and extending current controls and processes into Hadoop.


Vormetric Encryption seamlessly protects Big Data environments at the file system and volume level. The solution allows organizations to gain the benefits of the intelligence gleaned from Big Data analytics while maintaining the security of their data – with no changes to operation of the application or to system operation or administration.

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Big Data and Supply Chain: The Primer You Need to Be Prepared

road-237384_150Supply chain is yet another business area that is benefiting from leveraging big data. The amount of data that is generated every day is increasing at a staggering rate, and much of the important data for the supply chain is unstructured data. This is why supply chain processes will need to utilize technology that is capable of handling, processing, and assisting in the analysis of the massive amounts of data that affect companies.

Big Data and cloud-based technologies allow real-time visualization and analysis of data, helping companies to make decisions faster — thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness. In order for businesses to stay at the top, it is more important than ever that they have tools that will enable them to conduct real-time analysis of the data that is impacting them. Supply chains that are equipped with the ability to sense and respond to demand will become the most profitable. Here are the companies, apps, and resources you need to know about in order to stay competitive.

Companies and Apps in the Big Data and Supply Chain space:

All descriptions are from companies’ websites.


Regardless of your supply issue, industry or role; getting transaction data, across all your trading partners, and translating it into actionable information is key to driving value out of your supply chain. That keen insight is achieved by combining powerful business process applications with a robust network – allowing you to outpace your competition in an ever more volatile and complex marketplace.

INTTRA + Kewill

INTTRA will integrate Kewill software with its own multi-carrier e-commerce platform, enabling freight forwarders, shippers and carriers to access accurate, consistent and timely supply chain shipment information, and identify and manage exceptions. The visibility capabilities are part of the Kewill MOVE™ platform – a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing the complexities of transportation, logistics and trade compliance. Implementation of the software is part of an industry initiative by INTTRA to improve the quality of ocean shipping data and deliver full-cycle visibility for containerized shipments worldwide. INTTRA‘s new solution, powered by Kewill, is scheduled for availability in early 2014, giving shippers of all sizes value-added services in the form of shipment lifecycle and detailed track-and-trace capabilities, processing up to 2 million status messages per day.

Enterra Solutions

In the supply chain, Cognitive Computing and its ability to analyze extraordinary volumes of data is improving operations, reducing waste, enhancing promotions, and ultimately delivering products more efficiently to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. The Enterra CRP is helping some of the world’s leading brands and organizations realize the power of artificial intelligence and use it to transform their operations, supply chains, marketing, and new product development.


Traditional lean and demand-driven supply chain management delivers value in highly predictable and steady-state industries and markets. However, increasing globalization, virtualization, requirements for increased leverage of IP outside the firewall, and pressures for increasing growth and profits are demanding new chaos-tolerant supply chain management approaches. Teradata helps you reach more informed and productive decisions by helping you better analyze and synchronize products and processes daily from multiple sources. With the powerful Teradata Database, we can help you make consistent, accurate data — both detailed and summary — available for analysis anywhere in your organization, along with the flexibility to view your business from a variety of perspectives.


With better knowledge of competitive pricing and demand trends, retailers can initiate sales and promotions that help avoid losing business. Implementing IBM’s big data platform can help retailers build smarter supply chains and optimize merchandising across a multi-channel retail operation.


The world’s leading manufacturing organizations rely on Attunity’s high-performance information availability solutions to enable more secure infrastructures; improve productivity; make faster, better decisions; minimize costs, and reduce the burden on IT staff.

Transportation Insight

Insight Fusion™, Transportation Insight’s groundbreaking business portal, delivers much more than the power of Big Data. It delivers instant access. This advanced online reporting technology brings you closer to the relevant numbers of your supply chain. With its responsive design, you can measure, manage and optimize your supply chain from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. From our centrally managed, rigorously audited logistics data repository, you’ll point, click or swipe to access the data you need to make the best decision for your business. Insight Fusion brings you closer to both current and historical supply chain data than ever before. Insight Fusion allows you to create customized reporting by applying filters and drilling to the level of detail you need to see.


1010data allows you to know exactly what is selling at each of your individual locations. This means your logistics and supply chain teams can optimize inventory allocation decisions and you have a comprehensive view of what exactly is selling and at what velocity it is moving through the supply chain.

Symphony Analytics

Symphony Analytics offers a 4 step approach to curtail operating expenses and drive profit margins: 1. Understand your customers and predict demand. 2. Develop smarter supply chain models. 3. Forecast revenue and create cash flow strategies. 4. Optimize sales and operations planning. By leveraging predictive analytics, Symphony Analytics has helped clients to improve product yield, engineering design, inventory control, supply sourcing, regulatory issues and tax management.

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Big Data and Sales: Must-Know Companies

office-195960_150Today’s Big Data sales apps are providing sales professionals with powerful tools that will equip them to achieve new levels of results. Some of these apps are designed to integrate with CRM platform Salesforce, and they are available via the Salesforce AppExchange. Salesforce itself has been acquiring companies within the Big Data and analytics space in the last two years, such as ExactTarget, EdgeSpring, and more, demonstrating that they are actively building out their analytics offerings.

Other companies and apps on this list are independent of Salesforce, and some of them provide their own suite of Big Data software in areas in addition to sales. The companies on this list provide apps that have capabilities including predictive lead scoring, predictive lead prioritization, intelligent sales enablement, and more. These Big Data sales apps are designed to provide sales professionals with the most data possible, as fast as possible, presented as clearly as possible, to enable them to develop successful sales relationships with both prospective and current customers and to achieve the highest possible revenue. Read on to discover the companies that are shaping the landscape in Big Data and Sales.

Companies and Apps in Big Data and Sales:

All descriptions are from companies’ websites.

Salesforce + ExactTarget

On July 12, 2013, the world’s #1 CRM platform, completed its acquisition of ExactTarget, a leading cloud marketing platform. By bringing together ExactTarget’s industry-leading marketing automation and campaign management capabilities with’s social marketing solutions (publishing with Buddy Media, listening with Radian6 and advertising with, we will deliver the marketing platform of choice for CMOs.


CustomerMatrix is empowering your sales innovation strategies with groundbreaking cognitive technology to enable sales success like no CRM or platform ever could. CustomerMatrix Cognitive Engine combines the power of Big Data, next-generation prescriptive analytics, and Enterprise Search and recommendation technology to deliver custom Action Alerts™ and solutions to truly empower the people who drive revenue.


Vendavo is the leader in front-line profit optimization. We help companies be more profitable by delivering simple, actionable guidance to the front lines, enabling salespeople to negotiate confidently and sell more profitably. Vendavo solutions are focused on one result. Making a profitable impact at the “Moment of Truth,” in order to close deals faster and more profitably. Our solutions are field-tested in global enterprise environments, and deeply integrated with ERP partners such as SAP as well as CRM offerings including, IBM and Oracle.


With native integrations to Salesforce, Eloqua and Marketo plus hundreds of signals about existing and potential customers from external sources, such as company size, job openings and social presence, Infer has the full story on your customers and prospects. Using the same statistical techniques as Google and other consumer web pioneers, Infer builds personalized predictive models tailored to identify your best potential customers. Infer’s easy to use applications integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and keep the science in the back room.

Oracle + Eloqua

As the leader in modern marketing, Eloqua is now the centerpiece of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Our innovative marketing automation solutions help modern marketers target the right buyers, easily execute campaigns, get the best leads to sales and deliver the highest return on your marketing investment. Modern Marketing powered by marketing automation software gives sales teams an unfair competitive advantage throughout the sales process. Marketing can provide the information on prospect behavior they need to close the business and the lead generation tools to boost efficiency and improve results.


InfiniteInsight® gives you a whole new level of insight into your customers, your markets and your business. Faster, more easily and more accurately than you ever thought possible. With the power of InfiniteInsight® you can go to market faster, reach more of the right customers sooner and keep one step ahead of fast-changing markets. Suddenly your customer acquisition and retention programs take on a new energy, giving you a commanding lead on your competition and making your business stronger and more resilient for the future. Why? Because InfiniteInsight® works faster and more intelligently – providing answers within minutes that take weeks or months with other systems. Because InfiniteInsight® works with all data, in all formats – without the limits on volume, number of variables or compatibility that affect other systems. And because InfiniteInsight® lets you build as many analytical models as you want, as often as you want – freeing you to work the way you want.

Dun & Bradstreet

Harness the volume of changing data to improve your sales and marketing ROI. Whether you need a source of leads, business intelligence for your CRM, or a way to clean and enhance your data, D&B delivers one clear view of your business universe.


Our analytical platform provides an overall insight into existing customers, discovers behavioral patterns and predicts and improves marketing campaigns. Score your customers based on their previous behavior and model how they will behave in the future. Enables much more personal approach to your customers by creating homogenous, targetable groups. Automatically runs an appropriate campaign for each segment to increase engagement and monetization as well as preventing churn and moving customers toward the VIP group. Advanced A/B and Multivariate tests make it easy to discover what works best for every customer. Acquires new customers, which have the highest possibility to become VIPs by creating a lookalike audience for your campaigns.

Salesforce +’s broad, deep title coverage helps expand your contact base within targeted companies. With leading account data right at your fingertips, you’ll open more opportunities and close more lucrative deals. With in Salesforce, Chatter alerts you of updates to contact data, so you’re always in the know. With in Salesforce, you get a true 360° look at your customers by tapping into the unique insights gained from social media channels.


Unlike general business data services, FirstRain analytics run on a sophisticated, infinitely scalable big data platform.  Its ability to find and organize only business-relevant data from the massive and ever-growing global Internet, gives each user personalized, real-time, highly relevant insight into their business world. On a daily basis, these algorithms extract meaning from millions of documents across the Web, filtering out only those relevant to a specific business topic and then aggregating that knowledge into easy-to-understand visualizations prioritized by relevance to your personal business needs.


RelateIQ automates, simplifies, and deepens the way you engage with professional relationships. Whether you are managing a sales pipeline or tracking deals to closure, RelateIQ provides tools and insights to increase your effectiveness. It automatically tracks and analyzes the day-to-day interactions that drive relationships in business development, sales, and more, using data and algorithms to make you better at your job.


Alteryx takes a different approach. By delivering a strategic analytic platform for data artisans in sales and marketing, Alteryx allows them to blend and enrich all relevant data, whether it is customer web activity stored in a Hadoop deployment, packaged third-party customer and market data, or Excel data containing customer segmentation models. This insight is critical to identifying new revenue opportunities, optimizing marketing campaign effectiveness, improving planning and forecasting accuracy, setting sales team deployment strategies, and more.

ShoreTel for Salesforce

By integrating two mission-critical platforms – the communications platform and a company’s critical enterprise application – businesses now have comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of all communications and customer interactions. ShoreTel’s single source view provides insights that enable higher productivity and more effective collaboration of sales, support and marketing organizations for greater customer satisfaction and better business results. The applications – ShoreTel for Salesforce and ShoreTel Sky® for Salesforce – provide powerful integration between Salesforce and the ShoreTel on-premises IP-PBX system, the ShoreTel Sky cloud-based phone system, ShoreTel Workgroups, and ShoreTel Sky Contact Center. Now users can handle all of their business communications within a single application while having the ability to collaborate in real-time.


More than 50,000 sales professionals at Fortune 5000 companies rely on salesPRISM Big Data analytics platform to generate more pipeline opportunity and close more deals. Our customers have increased pipeline by 75% or more within one year, realizing immediate performance gains thanks to our quick deployments and seamless CRM integration.

The machine intelligence tools offered by allow businesses, both big and small, to employ a holistic view of each customer to determine the optimal course of action. If you’re a big company already using expensive BI tools, the platform enables you to supplement your tool set, build new analytics apps on heterogeneous and unstructured data, and test concepts in a matter of hours. If you’re a smaller company and need a cheap BI solution quickly, the platform enables you to build it yourself using best-in-class machine learning tools.


With DataHero, you can import any Salesforce report with a single click.  DataHero then analyzes your report to detect patterns in your data, and uses those patterns to instantly create visualizations of your pipeline for you.  From there, you can customize the suggested charts or create entirely new ones with just a few clicks.  Filtering, segmenting, and even performing cohort analysis is just a matter of drag-and-drop.


Quant5 Lead & Opportunity Scoring easily integrates with your existing Salesforce® implementation and does not require prior knowledge of predictive analytics or a staff of data scientists. State-of-the art algorithms are coupled with machine learning to intelligently score your leads and opportunities. Scores are saved in the lead or opportunity record in Salesforce®, so they can be used without additional training in standard and custom Salesforce® Lead & Opportunity Dashboards, Views and Reports.


Break through’s basic reporting and hit your numbers consistently with Birst for Drive sales performance that makes a measurable impact. Use pipeline aging and velocity reports to drive higher close rates using analysis of lead-to-close processes. Birst provides best-practice sales analytics and deep visual insights that uncover the keys to winning competitive sales opportunities. Deploy Birst quickly and increase user adoption with a pre-built data connector for and seamless integration into the user interface.


BIRT iHub Sales Management applications help sales organizations grow revenue more quickly, predictably and profitably by improving the operational performance of the sales organization. With BIRT Analytics, companies can identify business opportunities for cross and up selling, revitalizing cold accounts, taking action based on market and competitive analysis, and analyzing pipeline characteristics by integrating different data sources (CRM, ERP, SFA, etc.) quickly and easily.


Messagemind helps sales organizations find and win new clients, retain and grow existing client relationships, continuously enhance sales force effectiveness and increase revenues. Our patented technology is unique in the way it captures and combines an organization’s collective internal social intelligence with external social networks, public internet content and business directories.

CallidusCloud Thunderbridge

CallidsCloud’s newest solution combines big data technology with innovative analytics and visualizations to enable real-time exploration of granular sales data. Access to big sales data, and the ability to analyze it, will revolutionize sales and channel decision-making.


PROS partners with outperformers to help companies compete and win. We apply 27 years of data science experience to reveal powerful customer insights hidden in operational data, insights that are then used to predict opportunities most likely to close, offers most likely to be accepted, and prices most likely to win. PROS delivers breakthrough performance through our big data solutions.

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