Name: AutoGrid

AutoGrid’s mission is to organize the exponentially increasing amount of energy data produced from a networked and automated grid and make it useful and actionable for electricity generators and providers, grid operators and their customers.

To do this, we’re building a highly scalable software system capable of processing the petabytes of data being generated, making real-time predictions and running complex optimization algorithms across millions of variables.

Our first application on this platform enables electricity providers and consumers of all sizes to forecast generation, consumption and other grid conditions at unprecedented levels of granularity and to use these forecasts to optimize demand and cost through flexible demand management programs.

AutoGrid’s solution can be deployed in weeks, not months or years, doesn’t require expensive capital investments and has an immediate ROI. Our unique approach is hardware-vendor neutral, uses open standards and is able to communicate with all customer segments and load types via any communication channel and protocol — providing today’s most flexible system to optimize and personalize management of electricity demand.