Name: Kognitio

Kognitio was the first to deliver in-memory analytical platform in 1989. In order to provide the highest level of scalable compute power, Kognitio’s analytical platform was designed from the ground up.

The software can be used in the Kognitio Cloud, a secure, private/public cloud Platform-as-a-Service. This allows the rapid execution of complex analytical queries without using the administrative overhead of manipulating data.

Kognitio redefines the market as the industry’s fastest, most affordable and most scalable analytical platform. It sets new standards in analytical processing and business intelligence with its improve in-memory analytical capability and unprecedented speeds to access and query data.

It’s available as a software solution on industry standard servers, a fully configured analytical appliance or on demand via the Kognitio Cloud. It’s a ready-to-use, pay-as-you-go, analytical platform offering.